What is oculoplastics?

Oculoplastics, also called ocular facial plastic surgery, involves the cosmetic, corrective, and reconstructive surgery of the eyelid and face. The field is primarily related to the tissues and structures surrounding the eye.

Why Hauser-Ross?

Hauser-Ross Eye Institute is home to some of the best board-certified ophthalmologists in Illinois, each focused on making you as comfortable as possible while providing hands-on care.

We understand that choosing a surgeon and practice can be difficult. Rest assured that our surgeons have completed several years of additional, specialized training in plastic surgery of the tissues surrounding the eye, making them experts in the above areas. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve the quality of life and vision you aspire for.
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Dedicated to helping you achieve the quality of life and vision you aspire for.

Oculoplastics DOCTORS

Oculoplastic procedures include:

Droopy eyelids (ptosis)
Ptosis, the drooping of the upper eyelid, is a condition affecting many individuals and can be found in one or both of the upper eyelids. When the level of the upper eyelid falls, vision can be obstructed, hindering daily activities. To repair, ophthalmologists make careful incisions to the upper eyelid and tighten muscles responsible for raising the eyelid.
Orbital fractures
An orbital fracture is a condition in which one or more bones around the eye are broken and is typically seen as the result of an injury or blunt trauma. Certain fractures may involve additional facial bones. Depending on the severity of the fracture, treatment may be necessary within days of the injury or trauma.
Eyelid reconstruction
Revisional eyelid surgery is a typically a solution for those who have had previous complications with plastic surgery and now require cosmetic and functional correction around the eyelids.

Depending on the damage, the necessary correction may involve a simple procedure or a complex eyelid reconstruction. An ophthalmologist can work with you to determine treatment best-equipped to help you regain normal function while also maintaining aesthetic outcome.