Oncology Services

Whether you’re currently undergoing cancer treatment, a cancer survivor, or a caretaker for someone who is battling cancer, you can trust the doctors at Hauser-Ross Eye Institute to help you navigate the road ahead.

Some cancer treatments can cause ocular conditions such as excessive tearing, eyes that burn or feel tired, light sensitivity, difficulty seeing at night or in the dark, redness, or discharge from the eyes. Additionally, cancer treatments have also been known to slow down the skin’s ability to renew itself, leaving the skin feeling dry, itchy, or even painful and inflamed.

The Hauser-Ross Eye Institute can help relieve some of the side effects from cancer treatment that affect the skin and the eyes.

What are my skin treatment options?

  • Fragrance-free creams, ointments, and sun protection by EltaMD® – These products which help the skin retain moisture and reduce dryness and irritation better than the everyday over-the-counter lotions.
  • Gentle Comfort Skin Therapy - Soothing, hydrating treatment to provide needed hydration to skin parched by cancer treatments.

    **Customized to include cool, hydrating facial, and gentle Swedish massage of neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet.
  • Healite Therapy – Light-emitting diodes have been found to reduce skin inflammation, minimize radiation dermatitis, and aid in pain attenuation.