Laser Skin Resurfacing

Hauser-Ross Medical Aesthetics is excited to now offer Laser Skin Resurfacing. This procedure reduces skin imperfections and promotes collagen regeneration for long term wrinkle reduction, reclaiming the skin's youthful appearance, tone and color. Additional benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing are:

  • Reduces facial fine lines and wrinkles
  • Gives the skin a more firm, smooth appearance
  • Improves scars
  • Reduces sun damage, such as brown spots
  • Reduces skin blotches and blends skin color
  • Improves appearance of pigmented and vascular conditions

Clients choosing Laser Skin Resurfacing will see new skin within a few days. This rejuvenated skin will be smoother and more even-toned. Your skin will continue to improve over six to nine months as new collagen builds replacing the old collagen. Our laser is designed with the finest operating features possible to provide you and your doctor the greatest margin of safety during your procedure.

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