Implantable Contact Lenses

What are Implantable Contact Lenses?

Hauser-Ross Institute provides Sycamore implantable Contact Lens or (ICL) as another option for nearsighted patients who want a decreased dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The ICL is made of special material known as collamer that is compatible with the eye. It does not require maintenance like the contact lenses worn on the cornea.If necessary in the future, the ICL can be removed without harm to the eye and your glasses prescription would return to it’s pre-surgical condition.

How It Works

The ICL is gently placed into the eye through a tiny incision in the cornea. The ICL unfolds and is then positioned behind the iris but in front of the natural lens of the eye. Once placed in the eye, the patient will not feel the ICL. The ICL provides excellent high definition results without altering the shape of the cornea.

New Icl

Who Can Benefit?

ICLs are a great option for a nearsighted patient between age 20 and 45. Patients with thin corneas who do not qualify for LASIK or PRK are usually candidates for ICL surgery. Reading glasses may be necessary after the procedure for patients who currently use bifocals.

Our experienced vision correction team will help you learn more about the ICL at your complimentary consultation. Call 1-888-795-1873.

How Can I Find Out Whether I Am a Candidate for ICL Surgery?

You can call 1-888-795-1873 to schedule a free consultation at our Sycamore location so you can find out if you may be a candidate for this surgery, and to find out more information about the procedure including the cost of this eye surgery.

Is ICL Surgery Covered by My Insurance?

In general, ICL surgery is not a procedure covered by insurance. We urge you to contact your insurance company to determine your benefits. When calling, ask specifically whether Implantable Contact/Collamer Lenses are covered.